Valerio Pascotto, Psy.D.

Dr. Valerio Pascotto is the founder of EOS® – Effective Organizational Systems. Over the past twenty years, he has helped many individuals and corporations reach their potential and maximize their productivity. He has conducted seminars and developed programs for industry in the area of technology driven rapid change, change management, group integration, retention, team building, leadership, goal setting, and work effectiveness. Dr. Pascotto has also been a personal adviser to individuals in key management areas to improve their leadership skills, change readiness, business performance, and communication effectiveness. He obtained his Doctoral Degree in Psychology at Pepperdine University and holds a Psychology License, a Marriage, Family, and Child Counseling license and is certified as an independent Birkman consultant. He has taught at the graduate and doctoral level structural and strategic systems, group dynamics and social psychology.

Tim Gallwey

Tim Gallwey attended Harvard University where he majored in English Literature and captained the tennis team. He served as an officer in the US Navy and was one of the founders of a liberal arts college in the Midwest. Starting in the mid 1970’s Tim Gallwey produced a series of best selling books, which set forth a new methodology for the development of personal and professional excellence in a variety of fields. For the last twenty years Gallwey has been introducing the Inner Game approach to corporations looking for better ways to manage change. Through lectures, consulting, and seminars, his focus has been directed at three targets, 1) helping all individuals in a company learn how to learn, and think for themselves, 2) helping managers learn how to coach, 3) helping leaders learn to create “learning organizations.” His latest book is The Inner Game of Stress.

“Whilst Tim and Valerio’s work is concerned with team-working effectiveness, its relevance to modern leadership is of equal if not greater value. What they demonstrate very clearly is the limitations of traditional hierarchical leadership. And they not only demonstrate it but also guide and support participants in practicing the partnership and collaboration skills that are so essential for both team and individual excellence. In short, they help people to move from getting things done through the use of formal authority to getting things done through influence, persuasion and a profound understanding of what makes for effective team performance. They do not proclaim this to be an easy change to make, nor do they shirk from challenging the behavior that prevents the full realization of both leadership and team-working potential. The increasing pace of globalization demands leadership of this type. Developing people to acquire and adopt the necessary skills is not easy and there are few who can provide the knowledge, understanding and experience to help. Tim and Valerio are undoubtedly amongst those few.”
Tim Hornblow (Retired) Director of Management Education Programmes, Rolls-Royce, PLC

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