Feedback From The Working Together Workshops

“The Working Together workshop is, I believe, raising the bar and making obsolete much of what now passes for team training and team building.”

“I just finished Tim and Valerio’s Working Together workshop in the UK which was fabulous.”

“Thanks again for the lively experience of being a team member. I will try to transfer as much as I can in my own business.”

“For me The ‘Working Together’ was excellent. I’m so glad I followed up the April days as the two trainings were so complementary.”

“The work you both do resonates powerfully with everything that I stand up for and champion in my own life. Thank you for your insights and rigor.”

“Just a quick thank you for the wonderful work you did with us in Arundel.”

“Thanks for a great and valuable 5 days. Lots of valuable learning about me and people working together. I would even come back for more!”

“Thank you for the most enjoyable, engaging, numbing, thought provoking, mind shattering, excelling, but most of all inspiring and humbling 5 days I have ever experienced. The roller coaster of IGEOS we experienced it all. As ever it was a pleasure to be with you both.”

“It totally expanded my views of what teams are and can be, and what they could do for my Company.”

“I expect you know many of us felt a very powerful sense of ‘team identity’ during the 5 days we spent together in July. I have been practicing using the critical variables and have really noticed when a) I am living them and b) when I forget and lose consciousness! Thank you for a most thought-provoking workshop!”

Coaching Workshop Feedback

“Thank you once more for the inspiring event this week. I utterly enjoyed all the fresh thoughts and still inspired of the ideas which had arisen during the one day meeting.”

“First of all I want to say THANK YOU to both of you! During this workshop, I became more aware about myself as a human being and in the role as a coach.”

“Thank you for the most inspiring weekend. I am speechless.”

“As is mysteriously so often the case, the timing of your workshop for me was just right. !It is no coincidence that the issue of being taken seriously (or not…) came into focus now. !I would like to thank you for your part in shining the light there, and for your generous witness.”

“Tim was thought provoking and challenged our assumptions. He allowed me to think through an issue and internalize it in a relevant context. I enjoyed the interaction between Tim and Valerio. They complemented each other well. Thank you for a terrific session, and for encouraging me to observe without being judgmental. It was challenging, fun, and great experiential learning.”

“I found your Coaching Workshop to be one of the most transformational workshops I’ve gone to. It’s amazing to be that I can’t describe exactly what I’m doing differently or which concepts made the most difference. I just know the feelings of anxiety and communication reluctance that interfered with my past performance in groups is gone. I am enjoying a substantially greater feeling of empowerment and mobility at work and with coaching people at work. It’s ironic that I came to the workshop with the expectation of receiving valuable instruction and new concepts. In retrospect, I see the most valuable learning came from the observation of my experience during the exercises.”

“The workshop put me into situations that allowed me to have a greater understanding of the problems of working in teams.”

“I was surprised to see myself enjoying coaching a team without my usual shyness in front of an unknown situation with many people. This has opened a door in learning how to be part of a team as well as in becoming a team training coach working with companies helping the CEO to have clear vision and to reach their goal with their teams.”